Through the lens of the homeless™

Coming soon…Through The Lens Of The Homeless™

Let me explain…Our mission really goes much deeper than simply providing new socks for the homeless.

  • We are also raising awareness
  • We are educating the public about the plight of the homeless.
  • We are making one small aspect of a homeless persons day better by giving them new socks!!


Now…we are also going to publish a book of photographs taken by the homeless.  The photos will be of their day, of their week.

The people who take the photos will have names – not just that homeless person.

The photos will be put into a beautiful book and sold at an exorbitant tax-deductible price.

All the proceeds will go to the people who took the photos and The Joy of Sox.

Reprints will be available for sale.

The photos will be exhibited in art galleries and colleges around (initially) the Philly area.

Then replicated in other cities.

         All over the planet.


Our first event: Through The Lens Of The Homeless – Philadelphia

Then: Through The Lens Of The Homeless…Chicago?  New York?  London?

Our websites are being developed ( and but right now they point to this page.

What thoughts do you have?  Want to get involved…we could surly use your assistance.

To contact us please click here.