The Joy of Sox is life-changing. It brings dignity and respect to recipients to are otherwise looked down upon and unappreciated.

Saint John’s Hospice is a recipient of the largess of The Joy of Sox. We routinely offer underwear (tee shirts, shorts, socks) to every individual who comes in to Saint John’s for a morning shower. Because of The Joy of Sox over the past 4 years, we have never run short of socks and have not had to purchase socks for our men (as we have had to do for tee shirts and under shorts).

The Joy of Sox is blessed with inspired and generous leadership that is proactive in the community. It seeks out those organizations that need socks and helps in any way possible. The Joy of Sox makes good use of volunteers by engaging them also in service to the needy and homeless among them.

Gerry H., St John’s Hospice, Philadelphia

This nonprofit is the epitome of what began as one person, truly making a difference. I have had the honor of delivering socks, to a number of shelters in our area over the past couple of years. The organizations who benefit from Joy of Sox always comment how this is an item they usually don’t receive. Used clothes are donated but what do you do with used socks – they are thrown away. Something so simple, that we take for granted, truly brings great joy & comfort to those in need! I am honored and humbled to see the hard work/dedication of those participating in this program and pray their good deeds will continue for many, many years to come.

Karol B., West Chester, PA

Iwas fortunate enough to be able to intern for a semester with The Joy of Sox. Not only is the service provided essential and tangible, but the education element is amazing. I learned not only about homelessness as a phenomenon, but also about general health, health of the homeless, and how something as simple as a new pair of socks once a month can radically improve someone’s health. A great experience with a great organization!

Mike B., Villanova University

As someone who has helped with publicity for The Joy of Sox since the beginning, I am proud of my affiliation with this outstanding non-profit. Tom is a visionary, and working with him has been a privilege. A lot of non-profits falter by trying to do too many things. The Joy of Sox has one very simple and clear purpose, and makes a direct impact on the homeless population. He makes interacting, donating, and volunteering easy, fun, and rewarding. I would strongly suggest to anyone looking for an opportunity to make a difference to volunteer or donate to The Joy of Sox.

Lisa M., Havertown, PA

A local parish invited me to speak at their Sunday Masses. Afterwards, Tom Costello approached me and said he would like to help out with the agency I mentioned, Catherine McAuley Center in Scranton, PA. Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy Mid-Atlantic community, this center provides temporary shelter for women and children in crisis and assists women to attain safe, affordable, permanent housing.

Tom and his terrific team provided 1511 pairs of socks that will warm both the feet and hearts of the recipients in Scranton. By providing NEW socks they also help promote the dignity of women, children and men who will gratefully receive them.

S. Beth F., Merion, PA

First class organization. Really impressed by everything that they do. We work with the homeless, and it is dangerous to wear wet socks. And gross to wear horribly dirty ones. Joy of Sox helps us help them. And they do it in a remarkably professional and joyful manner.

Adam B., Philadlephia, PA

Our organization provides everyday essentials for children living in poverty. New socks and underwear are always items in short supply. Joy of Sox has identified, and focuses on fulfilling, an unmet need in low-income communities that is urgent and ongoing, and often under the radar. We look forward to our regular donations of brand new socks which enhance our ability to perform out mission.

Michal S., West Conshohocken, PA

A friend “resurfaced” after a period of living on the streets and the subject of The Joy of Sox came up. He emphatically reinforced the point that for the homeless foot issues are a major problem and that there were many times he had foot issues created by not having clean dry sox.

Who knew that clean, dry sox, like so many things we take for granted, can have a big public health impact and improve the quality of life for the unfortunate? Well, they do. I heard it from the source.

Scott M., Broomall, PA