Socks for the homeless in San Antonio

Brother Brian handing out socks to the homeless in San Antonio, Texas on Christmas Eve

Brother Brian Wicks runs the Resurrection Ministries in San Antonio, Texas.  A tradition down there is to fill socks with all sorts of goodies and hand them out to the homeless during the Christmas season.

Here Brian is handing out the filled socks to grateful street people.

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  1. i am homeless and if it was not for Brother Brian i wood not have food to eat i hop more help out like geving food and $$$ to the salvation army are to Brother Brian

  2. Thank God for Brother Tom sending the socks along with local support for the stuffing.
    we had lost our 3 year long christmas socks provider this year. Through prayer answered
    a ministry partner led me to the joy of socks website and my many “flock’s” didn’t go without their “socks”…God is good.

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