Special volunteers

We would like to really thank the following for contributing or helping out with The Joy of Sox.

Thanks for all you do for the homeless and The Joy Of Sox, a nonprofit that provides joy to the homeless with new socks.
Thanks for all you do for the homeless and The Joy Of Sox, a nonprofit that provides joy to the homeless with new socks.


Christy Baxter for her help with grants and fundraising in general.

Leslie Birch at Human + Nature for her creative ideas and video production abilities. And her encouragement for me to create Joy the Sock Puppet® as the Official Spokes-Puppet for The Joy of Sox.

Erin Bertel as our invaluable Chief Sock Angel, social media assistant and passionate advocate of socks for the homeless;  and for getting a “Socks for the Homeless Day” resolution passed in North Dakota (and soon Minnesota).

Mike Bucaria a Villanova intern helping with senate resolutions and communications.

Don Dempsey and Gene Castellano from Cabrini College for their help, assistance and guidance.

Christopher Ezold, Esq. of The Ezold Law Firm, P.C. for his help with trademark issues.

Michelle Gallagher for her helping out with our “Through The Lens of the Homeless” project planned for 2015-16.

Jaimi Gordon for her much needed help with PR.

Rich Gretzinger of Human + Nature for his great video ideas and suggestions.  And shot of Joy and the PECo lights.

Eric Hecker for his eagerness in getting a sock drawer organized in Virginia and his help with social media.

Bob Herpen, D.P.M. from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine for educating me on the many problems the homeless have because they do not have clean new socks, and for guesting on WOGL radio.

Stacey Kapp, of the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, for her help in understanding the power of Facebook.

Ciarra Karnes for her experience, dedication and help.

Mike Mafodda of Villanova University and Bluestone Creative Group for his advice and helping me with “goodies,” web design, all things Apple, and the soon to be famous iPad app.

Doreen McFarland, for her enthusiasm, support, ideas and overall assistance.

Dan McKiernan a Villanova intern helping us get organized.

Eric Malm. Ph.D., a Cabrini College professor who has his grad student help on many projects.

Lisa Mixon for her invaluable help with PR.

Courtney Mullin for her agreeing to help with the Facebook page.

Paul Mullin for his help with inventory control spreadsheets.

Colleen O’Leary, a invaluable intern from Villanova who is helping with grants, fund raising and a myriad of other things!

Susan Papp-Mlodzienski, D.P.M. for her medical input and advice.

Greg Pasquarello, for his inquisitiveness, responsiveness and overall help.

Michele Pattison, for her creative ideas and ability to make connections.

Morgan Perry, a Villanova grad and Cabrini Mission corp volunteer, for her much needed help with logistics.

Steve Pridis, for his assistance with “sock sorting” and our much needed sock pick ups and deliveries.

Ashley Sonlin for our song – Share a Little Love.  Check out her website here.  Share a Little Love is not on her site yet … awaiting copyright issues.

Jill Sonlin for her invaluable help in getting to things that I cannot.

Angela Soper from JeffHOPE for showing me the the homeless are people too, and for guesting on WOGL radio.

Jen Volpe and Rubber Ducky Kids Consignment Shop for donations of socks for kids!

Bob Weber for his ability to listen and keep me focused.

Ilyssa Zibelli an intern from Villanova who is helped us with accounting.

Deni Zodda for his invaluable assistance with items such as, our sock survey and logistics of sock delivery.  Rest in peace Deni.